Africa today is in a new wave, it’s a frontier. The Chinese, Europeans, and the Western nations are watching very closely because Africa will emerge sooner or later as a strong ally economically, politically, and also as a viable place to invest. How can we achieve that? How can we help make people more involved using the resources in their environs? These and many others are questions in everyone’s mind.

Even the rest of the third world have made progress recently in fighting poverty, disease and illiteracy, but the progress in Africa has been slow, and at times non existent over the two decades. The number of Africans living in extreme poverty has nearly doubled. HIV/AIDs continues to spread. Agricultural production has stagnated. Millions of African children still lack access to clean water, basic health care and primary education. War has been one of the biggest factors holding back social progress in the continent.

Also large scale corruption by individuals who held senior executive judicial and legislative positions can have a devastating effect on the democracy, and social development. We realize that corruption contributes to the spread of organized crime and violence, undermine public trust in Government, and destabilize economies.

Corruption by the holders of public office can deter foreign investment, stifle economic growth and sustainable development, and undermine legal and judicial systems. The net effect of corruption is felt most directly, and disproportionately, by the poor. Promotion of transparency in public financial management and accountability is the focal point.

I think media will play a significant part in solving societal issues by creating awareness.

We want to change this impoverished and conflict-ridden life by showing a future that's promising and full of hope. If people can see positive images in the media it will influence their lives. We hope to bring peace and tranquilty to help people provide themselves with the basics of life (clean water, food, shelter, education etc.) for their families.

You and I can do this together. I urge you to be part this cause. I am sure we will succeed in this with you Africans in diaspora, everyone in the Continent, and with the others - African friends.