Daash Pictures is created to bring African stories to Africans. Daash Pictures will exclusively provide films about Africans and present-day African life in exciting and dramatic plots with local, familiar African talent. Daash Pictures intends to establish a movie studio in Africa where gifted local writers and directors can bring a slate of African-themed films to the African public. This will be a training ground for film talent and a source of jobs in all areas of film production.

Daash Pictures will also have an office in Los Angeles which will serve to package and put together the films shot in Africa. Daash Pictures will use the 21st century technology and state of the art film expertise found in Los Angeles and combine it with the raw talent and expanding resources of shooting films on location in Africa.

The head of Daash Pictures Umbe Adan is a local Moyale resident who began his career as production sound crew on Out of Africa and Gorillas in the Mist. After relocating to Los Angeles, Umbe Adan has worked professionally on over 50 films as a location sound engineer, a member of Union Local 695 of Los Angeles and IATSE. He has worked with award winning directors such as Jason Reitman, John Landis and Kirsten Dunst. He is bringing together a group of top, award-winning crew and post production talent who will be in a unique position to train Africans in their skills.

Daash Pictures is poised at the brink of a huge explosion in DVD and movie viewing and purchasing in Africa. It intends to be a profit leader in this market in all of Africa by providing films which speak of the ordinary, everyday experiences of people in Africa. Daash films will center around stories of family, community and relationships which are central to African life. These stories will star local performers and use nearby locations. Through the lens of Daash films, Africans will see their own stories and their own destinies unfold. These films are by Africans, for Africans, about Africa, with all its present day joys, opportunities and problems.