One film in Africa will gross millions of dollars but that money will all go back to Hollywood or Europe. None will go to Africans. I want to change that. I have worked in the industry long enough to know how to construct a new business model that will create African movies that benefit African communities.

By shooting in Africa, we can create many jobs for people, from office workers and accountants to production assistants to technical trainees and creative staff. We will make a movie a month. The money from these films will go back to Africans and will benefit African communities. I believe we can do it if we do it together. I want to make inspiring, funny and dramatic films that you can watch with your kids.

I need to bring these films right to your door but I need your help. Because film is 50% art and 50% money. I could have done this earlier in my career because I felt the calling and the vision, but I did not have the resources. I know what it takes to finance a film. I feel I am obligated to do this work because I have been blessed with this experience in Hollywood and I feel this is my personal gift back to Africa and the people I love.

Right now 40 million Africans live outside the continent and about a billion live in Africa. Even if I raise only a dollar from each individual, I will be able to transmit the knowledge, the wisdom and the stories of contemporary Africa to Africans.

I want to tell stories of ordinary people in everyday Africa – action films that focus on youth, women and business sectors. These films will bring education, understanding and peace. We will do films one after the other to create a whole panorama of African life.

I appreciate your participation. Anything you can do, any help you can give will make this dream a reality.